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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Marian Rivera Models for Louis Vuitton

On the January 2008 issue of Preview Magazine, in its cover is Marian Rivera showcasing the luxury brand Luis Vuitton. She is seen sporting herself as retro chic for Louis Vuitton's cruise collection of bags, shoes and some other accessories.

With her still young career, who would expect to see her modeling the pricey brand. Lot of people are raising their eyebrows but hey, let's give credit to Marian. She's beautiful and a good actress. There maybe people who can be chosen to better model the product but the people of LV i'm sure have their own reason to choose Marian. Let's just be proud, one of our own was chosen.


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Anonymous said...

hi marian isa ako sa mga fans mo maraming kang nagawa din sa buhay ko im so depress na kc d2 so thanks a lot more blessing and god bless

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Anonymous said...

im sori marian but i am no longr ur fan! its vry obvious y dingdong & karyle brokeup. n s it a coincdens na u also brokeup w/ ur BF? i saw d buzz last sunday & wut ur managers told ms kris. its vry obvious! we r hapi w/ wut u achieve now but we hope lng dat on ur personal level u wil b hapi 2 n not bcoz u r steping oters ppols felings just b hapi! REMEMBER THAT KARMA S REAL! both u n dingdong myt not tel us wut reli d fuz but wer not dumb 2 c ur action! HUV U TRY ASKING URSELF Y DINGDONG LYKS U? s it bcoz of ur loveteam? n ur always 2gder? or s it bcoz u look lyk dingdongs first love our love antonette taus! both of u huv some cmilartis. dats y we love u 2. but hope u can wake up n ask urself s it worthty 2 hurt somebody so u can b hapi! n remeber dat ur not always on TOP!

joyax777 said...

i agree with u anonymous. i love them both! pero kng yun lng ang dahilan na cna dindomg n karyl nag break sana dahil dey just fall out of love. at hindi dahil na dvlop cya kay marian! n vice versa. sana alagaan na ang kanilang loveteam. mahal ko po kayong dalawa as a loveteam pero kng ganyan po ang sitwasyon na kayo pong dalawa ay nagkamabutihan na! tapos kayo pa pong dalawa ay nag break na sa mga GF & BF ninyo. cguro hindi po ako kawalan dahil isa lng po ako na mawawala sa pagiging fan ninyo. pro aam ko po na gma7 will try to keep ur relationship quite dahil po dba pangit pakinggan na naging kayo dahil nagkadvlopan kayo sa set at worst po may GF pa po si dindong. sana po ay mag isip isip po kayong dalawa. yes pariho po kayong mahal ng mga tao pero pag nalaman po namin ang katutuhanan na totoo na c marian ang dahilan kng bakit naghiwalay cla dingdong at karyl at nag plano na si marian na humiwalay agad sa Bf nya para free na cya at hindi malaswa tingnan. pero kahit na. the truth will always comeout. sanan lng ay hindi ito maging dahilan sa pagbagsak ninyong dalawa. sayang po kasi.

dondon said...

existing b tong LV endorsements mo?
balita ko wala n sayo ang San Mig at SMDC???

Marian and pulgoso

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